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The Augusta County Genealogical Society got its start with a small advertisement in both Staunton News Leader and the Waynesboro News Virginian.  Four individuals held the first meeting at the Augusta County Library in Fishersville, Virginia in October of 1996.  By April of 1997 there were 23 members.

The Society has continued to grow with the ever increasing interest of Americans in finding their ancestors.  Individual dues in 1996 were $12.00 per calendar year.  In 2006 they were raised to $15.00.  To become a member, click here.

In January of 2006, the ACGS became a non-stock Corporation.  In January of 2007, the ACGS was recognized as a 501 (C) (3) public charity with donations being tax deductible.  


Genealogy Research

 Since the beginning, the Society has maintained a library of various literature that is useful in doing research.  Included in this collection are periodicals, pamphlets, manuscripts, individual family records, and others.  This collection is housed at the Society's office.

The Society has a team of individuals who will do research upon request.  The fees are $10 per research hour for non-members and $5 per research hour for members.  Annual membership in the Society is $15.00.  In addition to the research fee, the cost of any copies, parking, mileage and postage will be added.  One hour of research fee is required to initiate the research process.  Research requests can be sent to ACGS, P. O. Box 436, Fishersville, VA 22939.  The research team can also be contacted through the ACGS Library telephone at (540) 885-1991. 



 ANNUAL DUES REMINDER Dues are $15.00 per year, per member, except that dues for additional  individuals (eighteen or older) who reside at the same address shall be $5.00 per year for each additional member. New members who join after June 30 need only pay one-half of the current year’s dues. Please check your mailing label and you will find your membership expiration date. If it is 2018, please mail in your dues (see bottom of page 2) to Augusta County Genealogical Society at P.O. Box 436, Fishersville, VA 22939. If your dues are not paid by March 1, 2019, the winter newsletter will be your last issue. For those receiving the electronic newsletter, I will send a notice via email if your dues are not received by February 1st . BE A SPONSOR MEMBER Show your support of the Augusta County Genealogical Society with a sponsor membership of $50 a year. Each month you will receive a copy of the Society's newsletter which will recognize you and/or your organization as a sponsor member. Membership checks or questions can be directed to JoAnn Pendley, membership chair, P. O. Box 436, Fishersville, VA 22939 

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We love our fellow genealogists, so feel free to visit during normal business hours at our physical location, 1759 Jefferson Highway, Fishersville, Virginia 22939.

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